Scores for South Shore for January 2019

 Judges - Barbara Crane - Michelle Hennessy - Ira Scheinerman

 BWA Paul Oresky Water Lilies 21

 BWA Lisa Harris Capitol In Denver 21
 BWA Paul Oresky Profiling 23
 BWA Pat Walsh Bleeding Hearts 24
 BWA Pat Walsh Bygone Times 25
 Total 114

 CPA Paul Oresky Breaking Through 21
 CPA Paul Oresky Open Window 21
 CPA Lisa Harris 5 Eyes 24
 Total 66

 CPB Arnold Spielman Soft Landing 22
 CPB Arnold Spielman Holding On 24
 Total 46

 CRE Avery Eden paint the painter 23
 CRE Marty Goldenberg Sailing 23
 CRE Arlene Hoberman Cantaloupe Face TH 23
 CRE Lisa Harris forksandspoonTH 23
 CRE Pat Walsh Sunflower Standout TH 24
 Total 116

 CREII Brenda Weissberg Let the Party Start TH 21
 CREII Richard Cohen NYC Oculus Path Station 23
 CREII Rachel Guinsburg The Birds is Coming 23
 Total 67

 DPA Avery Eden Brooklyn Prom 22
 DPA Ellen Lee big bird 22
 DPA Al Silberman FancyDancer 22
 DPA Carole Meyers snowy Owl  23
 DPA Pat Walsh The Conversation 24
 Total 113

 DPAII Marty Goldenberg Gator 22
 DPAII Richard Cohen Egret Flight 24
 DPAII Jordan Meyers dancer 25
 Total 71

 DPB Ed Gross last rose 19
 DPB Arlene Hoberman Clips TH 19
 DPB Luke Mannion Eagle Girl 21
 DPB Marvin Illman duck 21
 DPB Gary D Lostinthought 21
 Total 101

 DPBII Rachel Guinsburg Seneca House 21
 DPBII Brenda Weissberg Kestrel 21
 Total 42

Scores for South Shore for February 2019 Judges - Dave Curtin - Marty Silverstein - Tom Crosley BWA

Lisa Harris Lacey Leaves 20

BWA Paul Oresky Operatic Sparrow 21

BWA Lisa Harris One Red Chair 21

BWA Paul Oresky Serious Profile 22

BWA Pat Walsh Mara Lioness 24

Total 108

BWB Gary Dimenstein Studying Intensely 19

BWB Arlene Hoberman Trump And Trolls 20

Total 39

CPA Paul Oresky Pull Chain Light 21

CPA Lisa Harris Zinia Of Red 21

CPA Lisa Harris Just Hanging Out 22

CPA Paul Oresky Yum 22

Total 86

CPB Gary Dimenstein Goose 21

CPB Arlene Hoberman Umbrella Sky In Israel 22

CPB David Kirch Washed Up 22

CPB Arnold Spielman Nosy Owl 22

CPB David Kirch Monserrat Spain 22

Total 109

CRE Rachel Guinsburg Mooncolor2 18

CRE Marty Goldenberg Night 20

CRE Arlene Hoberman Am I Blue 21

CRE Richard Cohen Plover Reflected 21

Total 80

DPA Carole Meyers purple flower 22

DPA Jordan Meyers dragon 22

DPA Avery Eden Artist 22

DPA Richard Cohen Mrs Cardinal2 22

DPA Pat Walsh Mara Sunrise 26

Total 114

DPAII Ellen Lee alone in a crowd TH 20

DPAII Marty Goldenberg In Flight 21

DPAII Al Silberman Flying 21

DPAII Lisa Harris honeybeeMU 21

Total 83

DPB Rachel Guinsburg US Open Edited 21

DPB Luke Mannion Canterbury 11 22

DPB Brenda Weissberg Mr Peacock in the Library 22

DPB Arlene Hoberman Black and White Cylinders 22

DPB Howie Weinstein twisted bridge 22

Total 109

DPBII Marvin Illman purple clematis 21

DPBII S Dove Ellis Island Statue of Lib 22

Total 43 

 Scores for South Shore for March Judges - John Brokos - Mike DiRenzo - Bob Schmitz

- BWA Lisa Harris Z Is For Zebra 21

BWA Paul Oresky Showing Off To Mother 21

BWA Domenick Creaco Sand Trek 22

BWA Pat Walsh Eagle Protrait 23

BWA Domenick Creaco The Sea Sentinal 26

Total 113

BWB Gary Dimenstein Promotion Testers 19

BWB Arnold Spielman Boy With Doll 20

Total 39 CPA Lisa Harris Glassware 19

CPA Paul Oresky Red Stream Apddlers 21

CPA Paul Oresky Entering 22

CPA Domenick Creaco The Wave 23

CPA Domenick Creaco Elegant Lady 24

Total 109

CPB Arnold Spielman Silve Dollar 18

CPB Gary Dimenstein Don't Bother Me 19

CPB Arlene Hoberman The Bakers At Nanas 19

CPB Peter Pezzulich Denali In The Clouds 20

CPB David Kirch Sisters To Step 21

Total 97

CRE Arlene Hoberman Sunflower Plus 20

CRE Lisa Harris littleredsportscar 20

CRE Marty Goldenberg Ghost sails 21

CRE Richard Cohen Lilly Flowers 22

CRE Richard Cohen Autumn in CP 2 23

Total 106

DPA Al Silberman Duff 19

DPA Avery Eden Frisco Co 21

DPA Carole Meyers Chickatee 22

DPA Pat Walsh Buff Tailed Coronet 24

DPA Domenick Creaco Desert Dweller BW 24

Total 110

DPAII Jordan Meyers cardinal 22

DPAII Marty Goldenberg Car lights MU 22

DPAII Ellen Lee snow monkey 22

DPAII Richard Cohen Owl6 23

Total 89

DPB Lisa Harris Oldwesburygardens 19

DPB Brenda Weissberg Staircase with bench MU 20

DPB Arlene Hoberman Ferris Wheel Sky 20

DPB Luke Mannion Ross Abbey 21

DPB Sherri Dove Boston flatoron 21

Total 101

DPBII Rachel Guinsburg Reflection Hempstead Lake 21

DPBII Marvin Illman arrow man 21

Total 42

​Scores for South Shore for April 2019 Judges - Joe Pellicone - Alan Agdern -                             Stan Mehlman -

BWA   Domenick Creaco  Misty Sunday   21

BWA   Paul Oresky Intensity 21

BWA   Lisa Harris Arizona Cat 22

BWA   Pat Walsh Hi Dad 24

 BWA Pat Walsh Cheetah Portrait 25

Total 113

BWB   Gary Dimenstein My Cousn Carolyn 21

BWB   Arnold Spielman Home Sweet Home 21

BWB   Peter Pezzulich Desert View Tower 22

BWB   Gary Dimenstein Fire Breathing Dragon 22

BWB   Peter Pezzulich Mt Ranier Washington 22

Total 108

CPA   Lisa Harris Yum Yum 21

CPA   Paul Oresky A Past Time Corner 21

CPA   Domenick Creaco Waiting For Papa 25

CPA   Domenick Creaco Last Glow 26

Total 93

CPB   Gary Dimenstein Growing Tulips 21

CPB   Gary Dimenstein Feeding Time 22

CPB   Peter Pezzulich Glacier Sailboat 23

CPB   Arnold Spielman Flower With Green Stem 23

CPB   Arnold Spielman Smokey Mountains 23

Total 112

CRE   Lisa Harris twistedstairs 20

CRE   Marty Goldenberg Umbrellas 21

CRE   Richard Cohen Flaming Dahlias 21

CRE   Domenick Creaco Mandola Joe 22

CRE   Arlene Hoberman Hot Tomatoes 23

Total 107

DPA   Carole Meyers flower 21

DPA   Avery Eden Q subway line 21

DPA   Richard Cohen Mealtime 23

DPA   Pat Walsh Lemur adn Pup 23

DPA   Domenick Creaco Heartfelt Rhythm 24

Total 112

DPAII   Ellen Lee starburst 20

DPAII   Al Silberman Surfer 21

DPAII  Jordan Meyers commuter 21

DPAII   Marty Goldenberg Flower show 21

Total 83

DPB   Arlene Hoberman Holocaust Hand 20

DPB   Howie Weinik On Fire 20

DPB   Henry Harrow Flower 21

DPB   Lisa Harris solutude -1 21

DPB   Brenda Weissberg Bumble lunch 22

Total 104

DPBII   Sherri Dove Ferry 21

DPBII   Marvin Illman beach gal 21

DPBII   Rachel Guinsburg Duck Silver Lake-1 22

Total 64