Scores for South Shore for January 2020 Judges - Mike DiRenzo - Marty Silverstein - Dave Curtin -

BWA Lisa Harris Les Mis  20

 BWA Paul Oresky Native American Trio 21

BWA Pat Walsh View From The Bridge 22

BWA Domenick Creaco Stormy Pasture 22

BWA Domenich Creaco The Observer 22

Total 107

BWB Pete Pezzolich Storm Mountain 21

Total 21

CPA Domenick Creaco Won't You Please Help 21

CPA Paul Oresky Coleus Leaves 21

CPA Lisa Harris Leaves Of Green 21

CPA Paul Oresky Waiting For A Bug 22

CPA Domenick Creaco The Big Catch 23

Total 108

CPB Arlene Hoberman Christmas Ornament Reflection 19

CPB Gary Dimenstein All Strung Out 19

CPB Howard Eichenbaum Walk In The Park 20

CPB Pete Pezzolich Into The Valley 20

Total 78

CRE Richard Cohen Autumn Still Life 20

CRE Avery Eden Ship 20

CRE Arlene Hoberman Bird Profile Repeated 20

CRE AnnMarie Cruickshank City Botanical 21

CRE Lisa Harris Colorfuldaisy 21

Total 102

DPA Carole Meyers Pink Rose 21

DPA Richard Cohen Expo Male Model 21

DPA Stan Einzig Antelope Canyon 21

DPA Domenich Creaco Hanging In 22

DPA Pat Walsh Angry Simba 23

Total 108

DPB Marvin Illman Trio 19

DPB Marvin Illman Beach Boys 19

DPB Luke Mannion Winchester Cathedral 21

DPB Brenda Weissberg Lunch Time 21

DPB Garry Farrell Eilean Donan 21

Total 101

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