Happy Holidays to one and all. On March 24, 2021 we are going to have a joint Zoom meeting with our namesake club from Quincy, Massachusetts. In order to give me time to sort and assemble our photos into a PowerPoint presentation, I need to start collecting them now. The deadline for sending them to me will be March 1st. You can send them to me piecemeal or in a single batch. Email them to me at . Please send them in the same size limitations that we use for competitions, that is images cannot exceed 900 pixels on the longest side. You do not have to label them in the same format (c24…). The information I need for each photo is listed below. You can send it with each picture, or listed in chart form. 

For each photo please list:
Makers name

What it is (white egret)
Where it was taken (Grant Park, Hewlett New York)
Name of picture (optional) 

What we would like to have
This is an effort to learn about each other’s locales. We would like to concentrate on pictures from our respective metropolitan areas. For us, that generally means Nassau, Suffolk, Brooklyn, Queens and of course, Manhattan. Unless you find a travel poster in Paris featuring Long Island, pictures from your European vacation are not appropriate.

It is not just a travelogue. In addition to structures, buildings & architecture, we would like to showcase local fauna, flora, parks, beaches, events and of course people. My guess, based on our membership, is that we should be able to use about 10 pictures from each member. I can adjust the timing based on the number of appropriate submissions. 

Again, I ask for volunteers to help select the photos and or help with creating the PowerPoint and select the music. Time seems to slip away quickly. So please start sending as soon as possible.

Howie Weinick
300 Barr Avenue
Woodmere, NY 11598
home (516) 569-8335
cell (516) 503-3501

PSA Standings – Projected Image Division (PID)

– Open Group D – 2020-2021 November 2020 – Round 1 – Club Standings STANDINGS Group D 2020-2021

Club Name ROUND 1

Wangi Workers Camera Club 72

Norths Photographic Society 68

Nashoba Valley Photo Club 66

NIHCC 65 An Tain

Photographic Group 64

Atlanta Photographic Society 63

South Shore Camera Club 62

Duluth-Superior Camera Club 60

Houston Camera Club 60

Royal Photo Club Cominois 60

Photography West 59

Lake County Camera Club 58

North County Photographic Society 58

ABC Photo Society 57

South Jersey Camera Club 57

Housatonic Camera Club 56

Clemson Photography Club 55

Photographic Society of Chattanooga 55

Unlimited Vision Photo Club 55

Sun City Texas Photography Club 53

West Chester Photo Club 51

Sun Lakes Camera Club 50

Alameda Photographic Society 46

Monmouth Camera Club 45

Western Reserve Photographic Society 27

PSA Standings – Projected Image Division (PID) – Open Group D – 2020-2021

November 2020 – Round 1 – SSCC Individual Scores Maker Image Title Image Points Entry

Number Award

Pat Walsh Eagle With Salmon 13

D102 Domenick Creaco The Sea Sentinel 12 Merit

D106 Carole Meyers Hummingbird 10

D103 Stan Einzig San Juan Island Covered Bridge 10

D105 Richard Cohen Monarch 9

D104 Lisa Harris Ditsy Flower 8 D101 

SSCC placed 9th out of 40 clubs in the final standings for the year

Buff tailed Coronet  13              Patricia Walsh

Mr and Mrs Mallard  9             Brenda Weissberg

Mealtime                   10           Richard Cohen

Building A Home      11           Domenick Creaco

Sunrise on the Mara 13          Patricia Walsh

Natures Balance       13           Domenick Creaco  


Results  for PSA Pictorial from February 2020 competition

Scores are 1-5 by three judges.

12 Pat Walsh 'Long Nosed Bat'

9  Stan Einzig 'Antelope Canyon'

9  Marty Goldenberg 'Time on Their Hands'

9  Avery Eden 'US Open Girl'

9  Brenda Weissberg 'Lazy Lion'

8  Dom Creaco 'The Curious One'

Here are the results of the 2nd PSA Interclub Nature Competition.

South Shore Camera

15  Long Nosed Bat  Pat Walsh

13  Juveniles Horsing Around Domenick Creaco

11  Dominance   Stan Einzig

10  Capital Reef  Pete Pezzulich

7    Canada Family  Ellen Lee

7    Swan with Reflection  Marty G

Total 63

First Henry Harrow photo contest

First place Avery Eden  

Second place Pete Pezzulich

Third place Carole Meyer

SSCC Tentative 2020-2021 Calendar

2 Zoom Practice
16 Webinar - Nikhil Bahl - Part 1 Photographic Voice and Vision
23 Webinar - Nikhil Bahl - Part 2 Photographic Impact
30 Business Meeting - Discussion on what makes a good PSA nature


DUMBO (via ferry) 

Dumbo (down under the Manhattan bridge overpass) is one of NYC’s hippest, historic neighborhoods with unsurpassed views and the best pizza!   Best of all, this trip takes you to the spots where you can take some of the best photos of NYC.  Make sure your camera battery is charged and ready to go.  As an added treat we will be going by ferry.

Enjoy the best air show around!  Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome both entertains and educates.  Shows start at 2:00 p.m. with a vintage fashion show and car parade.  The flying starts at 2:30 p.m.  and runs till about 4:00 p.m.  The stars are the historic airplanes , including a 1909 Bleriot, the oldest regular flying plane in the Western Hemisphere; the Fokker, triplane, the most famous fighter of WW1, and a precise replica of the “Spirit of St. Louis”.  In addition, to the Airshow there is a museum.  There will also be pumpkin bombing, a fall festival and a WW1 spectacular with pyrotechnics.  Admission is $20 for seniors.

Chinatown, NYC is the largest Chinatown in the U.S.  Founded in the late 1870’s by Chinese immigrants, Chinatown offers a unique, historical and cultural experience not found anywhere else in the world.  Photograph the sights, feel the pulse, challenge your senses.  There  is something for everyone.  An endless array of restaurants, teahouses and bakeries to sample.  Supermarkets, fresh produce and fish markets.  So join us as we explore the neighborhood.

Hangar B is the home to Floyd Bennett Field’s historic aircraft restoration program
 (H.A.R.P.).  We will go inside the Hangar to photograph the dedicated volunteers working on the collection of historic aircraft.  Their goal is to restore the aircraft to nearly original condition. The volunteers have even built a full scale model of Wiley Post’s Lockheed Vega “The Winnie Mae” from scratch.


Visit the Tulip Festival at Holland Ridge Farm in Cream Ridge, NJ.  Starting in mid-April, you can stroll the grounds, pick flowers and more.
The Tulip Festival will boast 50 acres of vibrant flowers to photograph in addition to a tulip market, plus restored barns with furry friends.  Purple, pink, orange and yellow - a rainbow of blossoms will spring to life sprouting up to form a colorful quilt of flowers across the property.


Untermeyer Park and Gardens is the Gardens from a former grand estate in 
Yonkers.  Photograph the walled garden with its Greek - styled temple and amphitheater, the Temple of Love perched on a rocky outcropping and the sweeping Vista that descends to an overlook above the Hudson River and Palisades.  In addition, there is the color garden and gatehouse, a river and stream garden, and a ruin and sundial garden.  
Untermeyer Park is a beautiful and peaceful GEM of a park.  The flowers, fountains, architectural details, and especially the view are FANTASTIC.  Go and you won’t be disappointed!

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