Results from the final PSA Nature Interclub competition
South Shore Camera Club

083556~Bee_Eater~Marty~Goldenberg 10
083556~Booted_Racket_tail_vs_Wasp_~Patricia~Walsh 12
083556~Eagle_with_Prey~Richard~Cohen 10
083556~Falcon_with_Prey~Andrea~Baum 10
083556~Gorilla~Avery~Eden 9
083556~Lemur_and_Pup~Patricia~Walsh 12 HM
The SSCC placed the top third in the final competition and at the mid point in the final year-end standing 

Belmont Park

   For more than a century,  Belmont Racetrack has been the stage for many of racing's legends from Man O'War, Sea Biscuit to Cigar.

   Belmont is one of the most beautiful racetracks in the world.  Even if you are not interested in horse racing spending the day photographing at Belmont can be an incredible experience and a great challenge.  Capturing moving horses whether they be at full gallop as in races or at a slower pace offers many opportunities to hone your photographic skills.  Endless photo ops abound.  The paddock is beautiful.  You can photograph the great race horses, super star jockeys, and horse trainers up close.  You can capture exciting finishes, the corner of the race course, the starting stalls, the equipment, even the crowds.

    Admission is $5.  We will be meeting inside the entrance to the park, April 30th at 12 pm.

A fun time was had by all.


We are happy to announce that we now have the youngest member in our club.  Katie Flaniken

11 years old and a terrific photographer.  

SSCC Tentative 2017-18 Schedule.pdf

South Shore Camera Club
                      Tentative 2017 - 2018
Field Trips

September 17               Bronx Botanical Gardens  Chihuly exhibit
October 22                    Harriman State Park
Oct 15                           PHOTORAMA (PFLI) - Farmingdale  
                                      (according to PFLI)
November 11*               Roller Derby        
                                      Saturday, 8 p.m.  Bethpage  

December 10                TBD

January 21                    Elizabeth Morton

February 11                  Bronx Zoo

March 18                      TBD

April 29                         Pepsico

May 19/20                    Overnight  


End of year competition results.


.Color Print A  Jordan Meyer     Female Cardinal

B&W Print A    Pat Walsh. Himalayan Baboon

Color Print B.   Gary Dimenstein     Unusual Shell

B&W Print B.  Arlene Hoberman.  Legs

Digital A. Pat Walsh. Green Breasted Mango

Digital  B. Avery Eden.  Relative

Creative.  Pat Walsh.  Foxy

President's Award for Outstanding Service to the South Shore Camera Club to

           Marvin Illman

            Al Silberman