The "Triple Nine club" has three members.

1. Marvin Lieb

2. Avery Eden

3. Richard Cohen     

Results from the final PSA Nature Interclub competition
South Shore Camera Club

083556~Bee_Eater~Marty~Goldenberg 10
083556~Booted_Racket_tail_vs_Wasp_~Patricia~Walsh 12
083556~Eagle_with_Prey~Richard~Cohen 10
083556~Falcon_with_Prey~Andrea~Baum 10
083556~Gorilla~Avery~Eden 9
083556~Lemur_and_Pup~Patricia~Walsh 12 HM
The SSCC placed the top third in the final competition and at the mid point in the final year-end standing 

OctoberPSA Nature Interclub Competition 2017
South Shore Camera Club

Barbetts_on_Termite_Mound~Patricia~Walsh 11
Chestnut_Breasted_Coronet~Patricia~Walsh 15 AOM
Egret_Walk~Richard~Cohen 10
Painted_Lady~Lisa~Harris 7
Sandhill_Crane_on_nest~Ellen~Lee 9
Tree_In_Snow~Rachel~Guinsberg 8


Paul Oresky will be showing his photography as noted below:

Present :- "Rock of Gibraltar and Mediterranean Images" is being shown during the month of November at the East Rockaway Library.
   Some of the images from last year's competitions are on display at the North Merrick Library.
Future: -"Rock of Gibraltar and Mediterranean Images" will be displayed at the Merrick Library during the months of January and February (2018); I will be speaking at the Merrick  Library on Thursday night, February 1, 2018 -"Photographing on Tour".
              -Some of my Galapagos images will be on display in the Bellmore Library for the months of May and June.
              -A new display of 'Through the Panama Canal and Other Related Images' is slated for a first showing at the Oceanside Library for the months of July and August; reception                       date is to be decided upon at a later date.

South Shore Camera Club 2017 - 2018 Calendar

Sept   6   Welcome Back

           13  Getting Ready For Competition

            20  No Meeting - Rosh Hashanah

            27  Competition

Oct      4     Very Important Meeting(Business)

            11    TBA

            18   Competition - Ken Bausert - Judge

            25   Business Meeting - Q&A  Judging & Cameras

Nov     1     TBA

             8     JCC/SSCC photography competition

            15    Competition Theme "Emotions" Bob Golding - Judge

             22   No Meeting  - Thanksgiving Eve

             29   Business Meeting

Dec      6


             20   Competition Leon Hertzon - Judge

             27   No Meeting

Jan      3      Business Meeting


             17   Competition John Brokos - Judge

              24  Business Meeting

              31  No Meeting - 5th Wednesday

Feb       7


              21   Competition

              28   Business Meeting

Mar       7


              21   Competition

              28   Business Meeting

Apr        4


              18   Competition Theme "Perfect Timing"

                  25    Business Meeting

May       2


               16   Competition

               23   Business

               30   5th Wednesday no meeting




South Shore Camera Club
                      Tentative 2017 - 2018
Field Trips

Sept. 17                         Bronx Botanical Gardens  Chihuly exhibit

Sept. 20                          No Meeting - Rosh Hashanah

Sept. 27                          Competition - Chuck  Pine - Judge

Oct. 4                               Very Important Business Meeting

Oct. 11                             Program TBA

Oct. 18                             Competition - Bob Golding - Judge

Oct. 25                             Business Meeting/Q&A on Judging and Cameras

Nov. 1                               Program TBA

Nov.8                                JCC/SSCC Photography Competition Judging

Nov.11*                            Roller Derby        
                                           Saturday, 8 p.m.  Bethpage  

Nov. 15                            Competition - Judge TBA

Nov.  22                            No Meeting - Thanksgiving

Nov. 29                             Business Meeting and Q&A

Dec. 10                            TBA

Jan. 21                            Elizabeth Morton

Feb.11                             Bronx Zoo

March 18                      TBA

April 29                         Pepsico

May 19/20                    Overnight  


President's Award for Outstanding Service to the South Shore Camera Club to

           Marvin Illman

            Al Silberman

Correction to end of year competition,  First place class B COLOR PRINT Arnie Spielman "tobay birds"

      Queens Zoo in Flushing Meadow Park

     Join us December 17 at one of my favorite haunts, the Queens Zoo.  Here you will be able to photograph an array of animals from the Americas - big burly bison, pudus (the tiniest of deer), Chacoan peccaries, thought to be extinct until a herd was found in Brazil in 1975.  Other stunning animals you will meet up close are coyotes, Canadian lynx, pumas, Andean bears, bald eagles, sea lions, Roosevelt elk, parrots, burrowing owls and sand hill cranes.

     In addition you can walk through the Aviary, a geodesic dome - a remnant of the 1964 World's Fair.  On to the farm.  Among the animals you will see here are giant Flemish rabbits, topping 20 lbs., Texas longhorns, whose horns span 6 ft., and "Oreo cookie cows" (belted Galloways), whose coloration make you crave cookies and milk.

     If that isn't enough before we leave Flushing Meadow Park we'll stop at the "Unisphere" and the nearby NY State pavilion.  We will be meeting at the entrance to the zoo at 10:00 a.m.  Parking is free.  Admission is $6 seniors /$8 adults.