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PSA Club Results 2nd Competition 1/1/17

Andrea Baum         Artist                                 7

Carole Meyers       Surfer                                 7

Ellen Lee                 Sunset in Glacier             8

Marty Goldenberg  Blue Eye                           10

Pat Walsh                Fishing for Salmon        12 

Rachel Guinsburg  Branch at Lake                 9  

These are the results of the Nov. 1, P SA  Color Comp.

Avery Eden.    Brooklyn Bridge.        9

Cathy Basile.   Spring Flower.            9

Jordan Meyers.    Peacock.                8

Pat Walsh.    Skimmers.                       8

Marty Goldenberg.   Big Mouth.          7

Rich Cohen.    Black Yellow Lily.           9

January PSA Interclub Nature Competition.Our total score of 62 placed us 14th out of 36 clubs.

South Shore Camera Club 

Stalking_Grey_Headed_Heron Patricia Walsh 9

Pileated_Woodpecker Marvin Lieb 13 HM

Burrowing_Owl Ellen Lee 9

Ducklings Lisa Harris 10

Ibis Richard Cohen 9

Eagle_Catching_Salmon Patricia Walsh 12

Total 62